Vue piste Aéroport Cannes Mandelieu

Pilots, prepare for your flight!

In order to land at Cannes Mandelieu Airport, pilots must pass the Mandatory briefing LFMD.

2nd busiest business aviation airport in France

Cannes Mandelieu is a dynamic airport which is attentive to its customers’ needs and has a high-end image and exemplary facilities in terms of sustainable development.

Oiseaux en vol Aeroport Cannes


Strongly committed to reducing environmental impact, Cannes Mandelieu Airport has been implementing Environmental Charters since 2015 that have helped it make significant progress.

Le Port du Béal et l'Aéroport de Cannes - vue du ciel

Port du Béal

Port Abri du Béal: to pursue your passion for sailing to the fullest as well as your desire to escape. A relaxing break off the Côte d’Azur.

  • A stunning location
  • An original concept of a sea, river and dry port
  • A lively sailing centre with a large number of top quality services and facilities
Hangar avec Jets et logo H16 Events

H16 Events

Your events and films projects

A front-row view of major events in Cannes over many years has nourished Cannes Mandelieu Airport’s taste for events and great visuals. In fact, the airport even opens its doors to professional event organisers and film and photography crews.