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The 115 hectares of facilities at Cannes Mandelieu Airport are bound to harbour the perfect spot for you and your event, your photo shoot or your film shoot - from the amazing architecture of an ultra-modern structure to a hangar from the Roaring Twenties complete with vintage aircraft, via a terrace overlooking the runways or even a stretch of runway cordoned off just for you.

Cannes Mandelieu Airport is the home base of many private jets. They nestle within the walls of a dozen hangars, ranging in size from 200m² to 2,000m². These buildings can, on rare occasions, be hired for private events.


Photos and plans library

H16 Hangar

Hangar 16

  • Private road access
  • It opens onto a private aircraft parking area
  • Magnificent dimensions: almost 3,000m² of open floor, 9.5 metres from floor to ceiling. Hangar 16 can accommodate all types of exhibition fixtures and fittings as well as free-standing sets.
  • Seamless design; plentiful light; a sleek silhouette that has won prestigious architecture prizes.
  • Its trademark walls in wood and glass creating a superb honeycomb effect were inspired by the canvas-covered wing structure of the earliest flying machines.
  • Huge sliding doors through which any type of exhibition fixture or stage set can pass.
  • No noise or time restrictions
Hangar H14 Aeroport Cannes

Hangar 14

This modern building offers 2,000m² of open floor. Its main features: beautiful wooden roof timbers, a wonderful pale stained floor, a high ceiling, natural daylight and easy access.

Hangar H12 Aéroport de Cannes

Hangar 12

A perfect square with each of its sides measuring 50 metres, a total surface area of 2,500 m2. Another advantage of this surface area: an opening of spectacular dimensions with regards to both height and width. It promotes brightness across the sites and facilitates transport carrying the most cumbersome materials.

Hangar historique Aéroport de Cannes

The historical hangars

They have so many stories to tell, with the oldest one dating back to the ‘30s. They all offer an amazing and slightly “retro” backdrop for a product presentation or for hosting a reception. «And the winner of the Palm for the most out-of-the-ordinary hangar is: Hangar 6» - home to several vintage aircraft including biplanes from the Roaring Twenties and fighter planes from the Second World War.

Ideal working conditions

Buildings, hangars, runways… various infrastructures at Cannes Mandelieu Airport can be used by  media professionals for photo shoots and filming, either inside or outside.

  • 20,000m² of tarmac can be cordoned off, right next to private jets
  • A whole range of locations such as: a flying club hangar, inside or outside the terminal building, a check-in desk, or a restaurant overlooking the runways.
    • Easy and discreet access, security, round-the-clock availability.

H16 Events intervient auprès des Autorités pour vous assurer un accès côté pistes. Nous pouvons également mettre à votre disposition des salons privés pour le make-up, les habillages, les loges...