Noise abatement procedure


Airport - Terms of Use (french)

Arrêté du 8 septembre 2015

Arrêté du 5 août 2019  

Helicopters traffic (french)

Décret du 20 octobre 2010

VFR Pilot Environmental Good Practice Briefing

IFR Traffic

Class B airport.

Pilots must prepare their flight with the greatest care before coming to Cannes Mandelieu, a class B airport.

For IFR (Instrument flight rules) MANDATORY BRIEFING LFMD presents a summary of its features.

The pilot in command must obtain qualification regarding the procedures used and the airport's characteristics.

The crew must acquaint themselves with these before the flight in addition to the official documentation.

VFR Traffic

Good Environmental Practices

Unless otherwise cleared by the tower, pilots must imperatively respect the routes and avoid overflying urban areas indicated by "blue circles" as described in the VAC map.



Helicopter traffic

For the application of the Decree, the Cannes Mandelieu aerodrome is located in an area with a high population density.

TWR clearance and aviation safety take precedence over this document.