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Aircraft handling

Cannes Airport Handling

FBO services, Aéroport Cannes Mandelieu

VIP welcome with attention to detail

No-one comes to Cannes Mandelieu Airport by chance…
 Open to tourism and business aviation from the start, the airport developed a tradition of making passengers welcome in a way that combines friendliness with professional attention to detail, to the satisfaction of its VIPs.
High quality support services

The airport’s size, which allows very short passenger handling times, the quality of its reception services, and its aviation facilities with an operations office able to deal with pilots' needs individually, are just some of the services that make Cannes-Mandelieu the ideal airport for a demanding clientele.

Support services :

  • Aerial operations (FLP filing, weather briefing, Notams, slot management)
  • VIP welcome, assistance for passengers and luggage
  • VIP lounge and crew lounge with Internet access
  • Hotel reservations, car rental
  • Provision of a courtesy vehicle for crews
  • Enclosed private parking with valet service
  • Quality air catering
  • Airplane to helicopter transfer
  • Hangars to house aircraft
  • Distribution of jet fuel and Avgas

Aviation fuel distribution

Cannes Mandelieu Airport and AIR BP, partners for supplying and delivering aviation fuel offer you a competitive service and guarantee fueling operations respecting high quality and safety standards.

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At your service, two Jet A1 trucks, one 100LL (AVGAS) truck and also a fuel station permitting an autonomous Avgas fueling with a payment by BP card or credit card.

Aircraft upkeep and maintenance

Provided on request by the service companies present on the platform. Based companies can provide upkeep and maintenance services for planes and helicopters. They operate on request.