The first flights in Siagne Valley go back to the year 1905.

Vue ancienne du tarmac de l'aéroport avec un avion et quelques passagers

The airport was completed on its current site in 1930 by private individuals. Then, in 1937, it became a government airport, managed by the Air Secretariat. Subsequently, the government increased its surface area to 155 hectares (79 hectares of which are in the Commune of Cannes and 36 in that of Mandelieu). At that time, since it was the only airport for the whole of the Côte d'Azur, Air France flights landed at Cannes.

After the Liberation, the partially destroyed facilities were rebuilt and a 1,100-metre runway constructed. The airport then took the name "Cannes-Mandelieu".
The foreseeable development of commercial flights and new aircraft features led to the search for another site on which to build a new airport. The chosen site was at the mouth of the Var plain, since the hills surrounding Cannes in fact made it impossible to land large carriers there.

Photo ancienne d'un avion Paris Saigon avec le pilote

In order to modernise the infrastructures and build the airport terminal and hangars, in 1966 the French government granted the airport to the Alpes Maritimes Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The aim of the Consular Body, today called the Nice Côte d'Azur Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is to manage and continually adapt these facilities to the region’s economic requirements. Cannes-Mandelieu Airport can therefore fulfil its purpose as a hub for business and tourism on the French Riviera.