Noise measurement and flight tracking system

Noise measurement system

Since 2010, the airport has had a system for continuously monitoring flight paths and measuring the noise levels of all aircraft.

These are tracked and recorded.

On the basis of these data, a Cannes-Mandelieu Airport representative may approach pilots to make them aware of the airport’s noise reduction procedures, with the aim of reducing noise pollution and improving flight tracking.

This noise measurement system is permanent. It consists of four fixed stations in Cannes la Bocca, Roquette sur Siagne, Mandelieu on the banks of the Siagne and La Napoule Port, as well as a sound energy indicator implemented at the end of runway 35 near the Rubino Nurseries.

Carte montrant les capteurs de bruit installés


Stations de mesure de bruit de l'Aéroport Cannes-Mandelieu

Path measurement system

The system can provide sensor-by-sensor results and identify abnormal flight paths and/or causes for complaint. Airlines or pilots who own the jets singled out are contacted by email to remind them that the airport is classified as a Category B airport and that pilots must read and validate the pilot briefing online on the airport's website. If an improper flight path is reported, actions are taken, either on a case-by-case basis by immediately meeting the pilots, or more generally by contacting/meeting flying clubs, schools and airlines in order to jointly examine the improvements that can be implemented.

The system provides complete visual and sound mapping of all aircraft, on landing and at take-off, for aircraft using visual navigation as well as those using instrument procedures, flying over the airport and surrounding municipalities. Each time an aircraft passes within a 70 km radius around the airport, the system provides objective data on:

  • The type of aircraft, airline of origin, time of arrival and departure
  • Flight path, speed, exact time of passage at any point on the map
  • The level of noise emitted by the aircraft when it entered the detection circle of the noise measurement stations

Schéma montrant un chevelu des trajectoires avions

Diagram showing a maze of aircraft flight paths