Achievements and highlights of previous years

Environnement Aéroport Cannes Mandelieu
  • 25th APRIL 2003: 1st Environmental Charter for Cannes-Mandelieu Airport – Creation of Residents’ area
  • DECEMBER 2003: Creation of the Environment Department at Cannes-Mandelieu airport
  • 26th MAY 2004: 1st Discovery Day at Cannes-Mandelieu airport
  • JULY 2004: 1st issue of Latitude (Quarterly newsletter sent to residents)
  • 1st DECEMBER 2005: ISO 14001 certification
  • 20th DECEMBER 2005: Implementation of water collector and sludge trap
  • 31st MAY 2006: 1st Sustainable Development Day organised at Cannes-Mandelieu airport
  • 8th JUNE 2006: 1st meeting of the Standing Committee of the Consultative Commission on the Environment
  • 2006: Creation of the IFR working group
  • JULY-AUGUST: Noise measurement campaign
  • AUGUST: Air quality monitoring campaign carried out